Final "Social Member" Rehearsal night for 2018


The first 2 social nights have been a successful opportunity for the Band to ‘strut their stuff’ and then at the conclusion, break for supper for the rest of the evening, giving the social members the ability to spend time with the playing members.

However, the heavy performance schedule that we have committed to means that we do not have the time to break our rehearsal schedule on 30th October. Social members are still welcome to turn up on the night, but this will be a regular rehearsal night for the Band. We will be running through the regular repertoire, so stay and listen, but we won’t be putting on the fixed display as occurred for the first 2 ‘socials’.

Our social members are cordially invited to join us, instead, for our Christmas March and Awards night on 18th December – stay tuned for more details.

We hope to be continuing these evenings in 2019, with, for example, the Band trying new material, band requests from the social members, or having some playing members play solo pieces …

Check here for the 2019 schedule, bring a plate, bring a mate, and join us to make theses evenings a success. St John’s Hall, Reid.


St Johns Hall, 45 Constitution Ave., Reid, ACT

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